Compassionate Tulsa

The Tulsa City Council authorized the Compassionate Tulsa project by resolution on June 25, 2015. (see History) The purpose of the project is “…to partner with city-wide public and private entities to create a shared vision that will enhance positive change, civic engagement, and establish the City of Tulsa as a model ‘Compassionate Community’ as designated by the International Campaign for Compassionate Communities.”

A Steering Committee was developed that is comprised of citizens from a broad spectrum Tulsa communities.  The current members of the Steering Committee are:

Vicky Langston, Co-chair

Drew Diamond, Co-chair

Scott Aycock

Al Carlozzi

Moises Echeverria

Jocelyn Payne

Gary Peluso-Verdend

John Sassin

Aliye Shimi

Julie Skye

Mimi Tarrasch

Andrea Walker

The Steering Committee acts as a communication conduit to share what various community segments are doing to promote compassion. The Committee is also responsible for planning city-wide activities related to compassion, providing speakers and educational information on compassion, and reporting the work of Compassionate Tulsa to the City’s Human Rights Commission.

The work of Compassionate Tulsa will focus on nine specific sectors of life in Tulsa. The sectors have been identified, but we are still working on listing their responsibilities as well as identifying leader(s) for each sector. The sectors are:

The Arts
Communities (or Neighborhoods)
Peace and Non-Violence
Religion, Spirituality, Interfaith
Science and Research

Please join us in our city-wide campaign to “Make Tulsa Golden.” Using “The Golden Rule” as our guide for compassionate living, you are asked to sign the pledge to “Make Tulsa Golden.”

Can we count on you?